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If you are like the countless business leaders and owners that have expressed that they don’t have the time or money to waste and that they simply want results, then Leadstar Consulting is a great fit for you.

Our performance guarantee is simple. If you don't get results that we agree upon, after following the Leadstar Consulting recommendations to the tee, then you don't pay our maximum fee. 


Shawn Marshall is a focused multilingual international business growth and personal growth consultant whose life purpose is to help people, brand, and business grow and be remarkable.

Growth Consulting

The network of Leadstar Growth consultants is nationally recognized and even world renowned experts in strategy, leadership, marketing, sales, creativity, integrated consumer marketing, brand building, media planning, grass roots accusation, mobile marketing, and all aspects of digital marketing including social media, content creation, distribution and all things video.  If you have a product you are manufacturing or importing, we also have deep experience and cost saving and process improvement methodology through a strategic partnerships in the areas of Six Sigma, lead manufacturing and manufacturing leadership. All of these services are offered in English and Spanish. 



Simply put, we help businesses grow.

We focus on understanding your unique challenges and working with management to align LEADERSHIP, MARKETING and SALES efforts around business solutions that work.

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